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Young Driver Development Program

Graphic for the Program. a Yellow and Blue checkered flag is featured on a blue background. In the corner is a picture of a car parked beside multiple orange traffic cones.

Dive into a day of skill enhancement with the Young Driver Development Program, brought to you by the Kinglake Ranges Rotary Club! Each year, our club sponsors young drivers from across the Kinglake Ranges & Surrounds to complete the Murcott's Defensive Driving Course.

  • Programs kick off at 8:30 am and wraps up at 4:30 pm.

  • You must bring your own car.

  • L Plate drivers must be accompanied by a fully licensed adult.

  • $100 Deposit with a $50 refund upon completion. Kinglake Ranges Rotary Sponsor the remainder of the $299.

  • Deposit required to secure booking.

  • Limited spaces available.

Drive Towards Success: This one-day intensive program is designed to amplify the supervised learning phase for young drivers on the brink of license attainment. Research proves that more supervised learning leads to crash-free post-license driving. Parent-Young Driver Bond: Strengthen the parent-learner driver bond through common principles and risk-free driving practices. It's all about teamwork for a safer driving experience! Learning Objectives:

  • Fast-track hazard perception and risk assessment skills

  • Develop a comprehensive "BAAMS Driver Profile"

  • Boost driver self-awareness and insight

  • Tackle overconfidence and attitude issues

  • Master spatial perception, distance, speed, hazard identification, and observation techniques

  • Unravel the mysteries of effective driver vision ergonomics

  • Brush up on basic vehicle safety maintenance

  • Combat distractions (yes, we're talking about those mobile phones!)

  • Understand automation responses versus coping with emergencies

  • Navigate relationships with other road users

  • Ace those critical road laws

If you're ready to jump into the driver's seat of safer, smarter driving or are looking for the perfect present for a friend or family member then register your interest for the next one! But here's the deal – we need at least 8 eager learners each year to make it happen! Express your interest by filling out the registration form.

YDD Prog Overview[91]
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Sandown Map[60]
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Attendance Information YDD[5]
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